Dexperts is a General Contractor serving Bellingham, Anacortes and all of northwest Washington.  We specialize in creating and renovating outdoor living spaces using trellises, pergolas, decks and hardscaping (pavers, walls, stone, and brick).

We use written contracts that include a firm price for all work. This means that our customers know exactly how much a project will cost with no surprises.

Dexperts uses our own crews for most phases of a project; in fact our owners oversee each project and are present on site throughout the process.  We do use sub-contractors for certain trades including Electrical, Plumbing and Dry wall.  Our Sub-contractors are thoroughly vetted and all carry a license, bond, and insurance.  They are the most skilled and responsible trades people around; our reputation depends on it.

Dexperts is committed to delivering what you want in a timely fashion, at a fair price. To achieve this goal we have a standardized set of procedures in place.

Initial consultation

Dexperts will come to your home to gather information about your project and introduce ourselves.

Before our appointment there are a few things you should think about.

1.   How will you use this project?

  • In the case of a deck addition, what will the primary use be?  Will the deck be used for entertaining?  If so, what is the largest group you anticipate on a regular basis? 

  •  Do you plan on adding a hot tub at this point, or in the future?

  •  Will you be cooking or barbequing on the deck?

  •  What kind of furniture will be placed on the deck?

2.  How much of an investment are you willing to make in this project?

  •  Your budget and intended use will steer the design and material selections for your project.

3.  When would you like to have this project started or completed by?

  •  Is there something that we need to schedule around?

4.  Have you seen anything in person, in our portfolio or even in books and magazines that you like?

  • Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. 


2nd Appointment

At our second meeting we will present a preliminary design and estimated project cost based on the information gathered at our first appointment.  You will get a chance to offer feedback and request changes as well as select the decking materials for the project.

At this point some projects will require a Feasibility Study, or a Design Agreement.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is an agreement that allows Dexperts to investigate whether a project can be built and what constraints may be placed on it.  Some of the conditions that can affect the workability of a project are setbacks, watershed restrictions, percentage of lot coverage, easements and geological hazards on, or near, the site. 

Design Agreement

A Design Agreement is how we deal with projects where the design doesn't conform to prescriptive design as outlined in the building code.  Such as when there are joist or beam spans that are larger than standard span tables cover or if a roof/cover or hot tub will be on the deck.  These situations require the services of a structural engineer to oversee the structural design. For projects like these a firm price can only be given once the engineer's recommendations are incorporated into the design.


After the specifics of your project have been finalized

Dexperts will provide a contract with a detailed scope of work and specifications.  We take pride in using win, win documentation for all work to be provided.

Once a working agreement is in place Dexperts will obtain all the necessary permits and schedule the work to be preformed.


Pre-build meeting

Before actual construction takes place a meeting between the property owner and Dexperts Salesman, superintendant, and any other trades involved helps prevent any miscommunication.

Subjects typically covered are:

  • general overview of project

  • parking

  • material delivery and storage

  • landscape protection

  • Refuse

  • And any other questions or concerns that either party may have.



Although the construction process varies by type of project some things remain consistent.  Whether it is a deck, fence, pergola, or patio, Dexperts is committed to fostering communication and treating our customers and their neighbors with respect. A few things that this includes.

  • Working to answer every phone call. This is not always possible but we return all messages the same day, or by 9:00 A.M. the following day.

  • No loud music or radio blasting

  • No smoking on the premises

  • Jobsite picked-up daily



Upon completion, a final walk-through with your Dexperts Salesman will be done to insure that all agreements and expectations have been met. 



Your friends and neighbors will surely inquire about your beautiful new project. Please refer them to us so they can request their own.



Give us a call at 1-360-393-3723 or send us an email to begin planning for your perfect outdoor retreat.