Choosing materials will affect the look, cost and required maintenance of your outdoor projects. DEXPERTS offers a variety of materials to suit your specific needs.



Decking can be broken down into two major categories, synthetic and wood. Both categories have their pros and cons, consult with a deck expert to find out which is right for you.

Synthetic Decking

Synthetic decking material consists of composite decking and PVC decking:

Composite Decking

Composite Decking is manufactured by mixing wood or cellulose with plastic. Composite decking has evolved over the last 20 years since its introduction. Innovations in manufacturing have improved color and texture options, as well as addressed issues with mold, staining, and fading.

PVC Decking

PVC Decking contains no cellulose fillers, is light weight and very easy to maintain.

DEXPERTS proudly installs TimberTech® and Azek brand decking products.


Wood decking

Wood is the traditional and most common choice for deck surfaces.   

Cedar Decking 

Cedar Decking the standard in the Pacific Northwest. Beautiful, locally produced, and naturally decay-resistant Western Red Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar have a lot going for them. Although a bit more maintenance is required to keep Cedar looking its best, it lasts many years and offers a great value for the budget-conscious homeowner.


Ipe (pronounced “eepay”) is an extremely dense tight-grained tropical hardwood, possessing incredible natural resistance to rot, decay and insect damage. Properly maintained Ipe offers a life span of nearly 100 years. Even without preservatives this amazing species will provide over 25 years of serviceable use. Ipe’s appearance is a dark yellow to olive brown. Ipe carries a Class 1-A fire rating, the same as steel and concrete.


Mahogany is a dark red hardwood commonly used in boat building and cabinetry. Though not as durable as Ipe, Mahogany offers a fair level of natural decay resistance and a sleeker more finished look than cedar. Preservatives are recommended for attaining maximum life expectancy, about 30 years.

Teak and other hardwoods

Many other species of hardwoods are available for use as decking. Their properties range between those of Mahogany and Ipe. The exotic appearance of these woods will make your project truly one of a kind. Talk to Dexperts to find out what is currently available.



Railings around a deck provide safety for your family and friends.  Railings can also be a key design element in any project.  A gorgeous view deserves a minimalist rail, while a privacy screen makes sense around a hot tub area.  Railing options include:

Aluminum Railings

Aluminum Railings are strong, easy to maintain and stylish.  They are available in standard and custom designs as well as a variety of colors.

Infinity Railings 

Infinity Railings are glass railings with no top or bottom rail and are the ultimate in preserving spectacular views.  Glass can be frosted to provide privacy or made taller to create a windbreak.

Stainless Steel Cable Rails

Stainless Steel Cable Rails are sleek and low-profile, and can create a contemporary or nautical look.

A variety of Composite Railing Systems are available to match your project’s look and feel.

Wood Railings can range from simple and utilitarian, to elaborate works of art.



Pressure Treated Lumber

Wood, as a building material, is often treated by forcing preservatives into wood cells.  Since the 1940’s Chromated Copper Arsenate  (CCA) has been the most common preservative.  Recent health concerns about the presence of arsenic have led to the phasing out of CCA.  Alkaline Copper Quatenary (ACQ) and Copper Azoles (CA) are the most common alternative.  DEXPERTS uses ACQ or CA treated wood for all posts, beams and joists in the decks we construct.  While safer for human contact, these alternative treatments have been found to be significantly more corrosive to metals than CCA treatments.


Fasteners and Hardware

Many decking materials give you the option of using hidden fastener systems.  Hidden fasteners allow you to secure deck boards to the frame without visible screws or nails.

Because the new pressure treated wood causes faster corrosion in metals, DEXPERTS uses only hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel and approved ceramic-coated hardware and fasteners. 



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